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Unless you’re very a new comer to the net, then you’ve probably been aware of “WordPress” sooner or later or another. What some online users don’t know, however, is there are two kinds of WordPress websites:

In this essay, the differences are explained by us between WordPress. wordPress and We also walk through the good qualities and cons of each and every option to help you make the best decision about what sort of WordPress site is most beneficial for you personally.

What’s the difference between and

Self-hosted WordPress websites (

Self-hosted WordPress websites are what many people think of once they hear the expressed word “WordPress.” They’re websites constructed with the free, open-source software designed for download at Developers will sometimes call it “the actual WordPress” as it predates the hosting service (which we speak about next section).

The core software on is free, but you’ll have to arrange your own personal domain and hosting to truly get your site installed and operating. It’s this that causes it to be “self-hosted” – WordPress provides the software to create and edit your internet site, but you need to arrange hosting all on your own.

WordPress-hosted websites (

Produced by co-founder Matt Mullenweg, is just a private web hosting service service. It uses exactly the same software as self-hosted WordPress sites, but of choosing your personal host instead, is your host.

You will find multiple hosting tiers available – from the free want to a $1000/month VIP plan. The tier you decide on determines the storage and functionality readily available for your website. The free tier is bound, though, for a lot of casual bloggers, this calculates fine just.

Compare vs.

Since we’ve established that identifies the free, open-source WordPress CMS software and describes a private hosting that is shared service built on WordPress, let’s have a deeper dive into how those two options compare against one another.

1. Theme options

Web design and development

Once you choose a self-hosted WordPress site , you have complete control over your theme. You should buy and use a premade theme or you may also have your own personal custom theme designed and developed to fit your specific needs.

With a totally free website from , alternatively, you have limited theme choices. You can’t customize these themes or install custom themes of your personal heavily.

2. Plugins

WordPress plugins

With a self-hosted WordPress site , you’re absolve to install any plugins, paid or free, without question or issue. This permits one to go all out when customizing your site. That said, you need to also expect you’ll maintain software updates since outdated plugins can compromise your site’s security and functionality.

A totally free website on doesn’t permit you to install plugins. Instead, you have to make use of the built-in features given by the platform to give the functionality of one’s site (such as for instance forms, seo, page building, etc). While what this means is you will possibly not have the maximum amount of control over customizing your website to match your specific needs, it’s also great if you need a simpler experience and don’t desire to worry about checking up on updates.

3. Cost


Whilst the open-source software is 100% liberated to download and install, there are some start-up costs you could expect with a self-hosted WordPress site . These costs include domain registration and annual renewal, monthly website hosting, licenses for plugins and themes, not to mention, the price of labor for almost any maintenance or developers support team you might hire.

Making a website on can also be free, nevertheless, you need certainly to pay additional fees for enhanced functions. For example, you get right up to 3GB of space for storing totally free, however, you shall have to pay more in the event that you require more space. Additionally, as you can select a subdomain name (i.e. at no cost, you need to pay extra to join up a custom domain.

4. Monetization

Pay-per-click ads

With a self-hosted WordPress site , you have complete control over the way you monetize your internet site. It is possible to sell as numerous ads as you need in your website, and you will use any ad ad or service plugin you want. 100% of the earnings earned through ad monetization are yours.

With a free of charge website from , however, there’s absolutely no choice to sell ads on your own site because is utilizing your website to build ad revenue for themselves already. It’s the main reasons why they could offer to host your internet site for free to start with – simply because they will make money off your site’s traffic. It is possible to pay to eliminate ads, or if your site experiences a specific monthly traffic threshold, you may become entitled to sharing advertising revenue with

5. WordPress ads


As a totally free user, you have to display the “Powered by” link inside your site, if you don’t pay extra to get rid of it. Additionally, your internet site shall feature ads that you don’t make anything from.

However, with a self-hosted WordPress site , there is absolutely no expectation to produce “Powered by” links in your website because your site is powered by your personal hosting provider and development team.

6. Seo


The core CMS software from is fabled for being search-friendly automatically incredibly. Owners of self-hosted WordPress websites can further maximize their SEO efforts and rank at the top of Google along with other major search-engines through the implementation of numerous third-party WordPress SEO tools and plugins.

Websites on will also be designed with SEO at heart. However, with, you must no control over your website’s SEO little, and there’s absolutely no option of installing an add-on for advanced SEO management.

7. Analytical tools


Websites on features a basic built-in analytics tool that offers you a glimpse into your website’s performance.

However, if you’re buying a better made interface for monitoring analyzing and data trends, you’re better off with a self-hosted WordPress site likely. When you select the self-hosted route, there are numerous third-party tools and plugins (both free and paid) you could install to help you with campaign benchmarking and acquiring detailed analytical data and insights into your website’s performance.

8. E-commerce

Credit cards

It is possible to build almost any form of website you would like when you pick a self-hosted WordPress site – e-commerce platforms included. So of one’s goods regardless, you can produce a functional business and accept several payment methods fully. To generate an e-commerce site on WordPress, you’ll wish to put in a plugin such as for example WooCommerce.

Unfortunately, a free of charge website on doesn’t have e-commerce capabilities. To produce your on line store, you’d need to switch to a self-hosted WordPress account and make use of a proper hosting provider.

9. Membership site capabilities

User icon

With a self-hosted WordPress site , it is possible to install themes and plugins that enable you to create multi-level membership websites. These kind of websites permit you to do some pretty complex things – from distributing drip marketing content to creating restricted access sections – therefore far more.

On the other hand, it’s certainly not possible to construct a powerful membership site with merely a simple free account until you upgrade your website.

10. Maintenance and support

Maintenance and troubleshooting

As an internet site owner on a self-hosted WordPress site , you’re accountable for managing updates for the core, theme, and plugins, along with performing regular backups, setting SPAM control parameters, and maintaining plugin and theme license renewals.

As a user, you’ll need not concern yourself with any maintenance efforts because manages everything behind the scenes and it has a robust customer care team.

11. Hosting provider

WordPress hosting icon

Whenever you develop a website on , web hosting services shared is roofed – whether it’s a totally free or premium account. Lacking to decide on hosts can simplify your lifetime in certain real ways, but it may also be a headache if you learn your website has heightened technical requirements (such as for instance needing a passionate hosting server to deal with high traffic volumes).

Meanwhile, is entirely free, open-source software, nevertheless, you need certainly to bring your own personal hosting provider to the table. That is great since you can choose among a sizable market of web hosts in order to find the one that suits your technical requirements and support needs the very best. Need help picking a host? Don’t miss our listing of the most effective WordPress hosting providers.

12. Space for storing

Hosting migration icon

The storage capacity of a website depends entirely on the package your account is initiated with. The private version is sold with 6GB, the premium plan includes 13GB, and the continuing business plan is sold with 200GB of storage.

If you produce a self-hosted WordPress site , your internet site storage shall be determined by your hosting provider.

WordPress blogger drafting post

Which WordPress option is better for me personally?

Irrespective of skill, tech-savviness, or experience, anyone can develop a free website on However for individuals with higher expectations and serious plans to develop, we recommend a self-hosted WordPress site when compared to a paid WordPress website.

This may ultimately provide you with more control over your internet site – from how it looks and functions, to how well it scales with you as your company or personal brand grows.

Focused on checking up on WordPress updates as well as other maintenance duties in your self-hosted website? Try to find managed hosting partner or plans with a WordPress maintenance agency to streamline everything for you personally.

Still unsure how to start?’s WordPress experts are to simply help here.

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