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FastComet was founded in 2013 plus they provide a array of cloud hosting services: shared enviroment, cloud VPS, and dedicated server hosting. They’ve 10 data focuses on the global world and appeal to businesses both small and large using their offerings. 

The information centers can be found in the united states, Europe, Asia, Australia, and India. They serve significantly more than 50000 global customers and therefore are owned with increased than 70 employees privately.

Their primary focus is apparently on performance but how good are they really? That’s what this review about is all. We’ll have a look at their plans, performance, uptime, cons and pros, and support. 

Is FastComet Hosting Fast?

Before we enter into the important points of the review, let’s answer comprehensively the question that’s on everyone’s mind: is FastComet hosting fast? The answer yes is, although not as fast as various other companies quite. 

FastComet had the average consequence of 2.5 second load time for page speed and around 3000ms server response time. Simply because offer cloud hosting, their results might be better although they’re within the Google benchmarks still. 

If you’re buying a webhost with decent load times, FastComet will be the right choice. 

FastComet Plans

FastComet offers many different kinds of hosting: shared, cloud VPS, and dedicated CPU servers. You may also register a domain name through FastComet and their domain prices are similar to other domain registrars. You’ll find all of the standard domain name extensions aswell a few of the newer ones at great prices.

Observe that FastComet doesn’t give you a free domain with the purchase of a hosting plan, given the values of names of domain nowadays however, that’s not this kind of big loss. 


Shared Cloud Hosting

Shared Cloud Hosting

FastComet offers hosting that is shared that accompany several benefits. First of all, they feature free migration and free domain transfers. Each shared enviroment plan is sold with free CloudFlare CDN also, weekly and daily backups, and a totally free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt. You’ll obtain a 45-day money-back guarantee also.

It is possible to select from 3 different plans: 

  • FastCloud – this course of action enables you to host just one website. It provides 15GB of SSD space for storage and would work for websites that receive as much as 25000 monthly visits. It includes 2GB RAM also. The price with this plan is $2.95/mo. 
  • FastCloud Plus – this plan of action lets you host unlimited websites and is sold with advanced features such as for example free private DNS, free GlobalSign SSL, free Dynamic SSL Seal, 1-click restore manager, and much more. You’ll get 25GB of SSD space for storing and 3GB RAM also. This plan works for websites with to 50000 monthly visitors up. The price because of this plan is $4.45/mo. 
  • FastCloud Extra – this course of action enables you to host an unlimited amount of websites and includes sets from the prior plan along with extra performance features such as for instance advanced caching, 30 daily backups, and 3x less clients per server. The program includes 35GB off SSD storage, 6GB RAM, and will handle around 100000 unique visitors. The purchase price with this plan is $5.95/mo. 

It is possible to choose between monthly obligations, yearly payments or it is possible to choose to join 2 and 3-year terms. Remember that the prices in the list above apply for the very first term only. Following the initial term, your hosting shall renew at an everyday price that will be higher than the first one. However, they’re pretty transparent in regards to the mention and increase this on the pricing page.

Yet another thing worth mentioning is that FastComet provides a complete large amount of extras for one more cost. Including submitting your internet site to the major search engines, creating an XML sitemap, and seo. 

However, it is possible to safely forego these extras as you are able to do them yourself and never having to pay FastComet easily. 

Cloud VPS Hosting

If your internet site has outgrown the resources given by hosting that is shared, upgrading to VPS hosting is really a smart move. With regards to cloud hosting, FastComet offers fully managed plans and that means you don’t need certainly to concern yourself with hardware or server management. 

Fully Managed Cloud VPS

Fully Managed Cloud VPS

All plans include fast provisioning, 24/7/365 support, SSD-only storage, automatic daily and weekly backups, full data snapshots, and 7-days money-back guarantee. You’ll get free website transfer and setup also, free SSH access, and cPanel, WHM, and Softaculous. far as security goes

As, each plan has a firewall, daily monitoring, brute force and malware protection.

It is possible to select from 4 different plans: 

  • Cloud 1 – the initial plan lets you host an unlimited quantity of websites. The master plan includes a single core CPU, 2GB ECC RAM, 50GB SSD storage, and 2TB bandwidth. The fee because of this plan is $35.97/mo. 
  • Cloud 2 – this plan of action enables you to host an unlimited amount of websites. It has a dual-core CPU, 4GB ECC RAM, 80GB SSD storage, and 4TB bandwidth. The cost with this plan is $41.97/mo. 
  • Cloud 3 – this course of action lets you host an unlimited quantity of websites. It includes a quad-core CPU, 8GB ECC RAM, 160GB SSD storage, and 5TB bandwidth. The purchase price because of this plan is $53.97/mo.
  • Cloud 4 – this plan of action enables you to host an unlimited amount of websites. It has a hexa-core CPU, 16GB ECC RAM, 320GB SSD storage, and 6TB bandwidth. The cost with this plan is $83.97/mo.

Just like shared hosting, it is possible to purchase your cloud hosting plan month-to-month or subscribe to a three-month plan. It’s worth mentioning that the renewal price will undoubtedly be higher than the original one. to the shared enviroment plan

Similarly, there are numerous of different extras that are offered for your requirements but these types of you can care for yourself without buying them from FastComet. 

Dedicated CPU Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated CPU

Fully Managed Dedicated CPU

If you’d like lots of power and a CPU that’s always online, dedicated CPU servers certainly are a good choice then. These plans really are a good choice for websites that be given a large amount of traffic or internet vendors and membership sites. FastComet offers five different plans plus they offer many perks here. 

You’ll get provisioning fast, managed servers fully, SSD-only cloud, automated weekly and daily backups and free full data snapshots, and 7-day money-back guarantee. Everyone are allowed by the plans to host an unlimited quantity of websites. 

It is possible to select from 4 different plans: 

  • DS 1 – the very first plan is sold with 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD space, 4TB bandwidth, free site domain and setup transfer, free SSH access, free SSL, and cPanel, Softaculous, and WHM, security monitoring, firewall, and brute force protection. The purchase price because of this plan is $97.29/mo.
  • DS 2 – this course of action includes every one of the features from the above mentioned plan but offers more resources. More specifically, you’ll get 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD space, and 5TB bandwidth. The cost with this plan is $118.29/mo.
  • DS 3 – this plan of action comes with much more resources that makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic websites or applications. Get 16GB RAM you’ll, 320GB SSD space, and 6TB bandwidth. The purchase price because of this plan is $160.29/mo.
  • DS 4 – the past plan offers some serious power and resources. Get 32GB RAM you’ll, 640GB SSD space, and 7TB bandwidth alongside most of the features from the last plans. The cost with this plan is $244.29/mo. to cloud hosting

Similarly, you can subscribe and buy your services monthly or on a 3-month period. Take into account that the renewal price will be higher than the first register price. 

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll find WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento hosting listed amongst their services. However, whenever you click on some of these plans, you’re lead by them with their regular pricing page where you could select from Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting plans.

FastComet Uptime

FastComet Uptime

FastComet Uptime

Throughout the test, FastComet had about an full hour of downtime. Which means they provided 99.98% uptime that is still a significant result and much more than what several other serves offer. 

FastComet Speed

FastComet Page Speed

FastComet Page Speed

As previously mentioned earlier, FastComet just isn’t the fastest web hosting company. They had a typical results of 2.5s page load time and around 3000ms server response time, as you care able to see from the screenshot below. 

FastComet Page Load Time

FastComet Page Load Time

Remember that this result remains below the Google page speed benchmark, however, you will find hosting companies available offering comparable features and pricing along with better speed. 

FastComet Support

FastComet provides support 24/7/365. The support can be obtained via phone, live chat, and ticket system. Their plans also guarantee 10-minute response time to help you be assured someone is obviously available to work with you quickly. 

Besides the standard support channels, additionally they offer a comprehensive knowledge base and you’ll discover articles and walkthroughs for everything associated with hosting an internet site. 

Likewise, they’ve a tutorial section with tutorials published by experts and organized into categories to get started with hosting, WordPress, WooCommerce, and similar. 

CONCLUSIONS: FastComet Review

FastComet claims to be dedicated to performance and security. They provide SSD-only servers which are great for performance, however, the heightened performance and caching optimization is just available on probably the most expensive hosting that is shared plan. 

So far as security goes, FastComet seriously takes security pretty. It is possible to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) with support for Google Authenticator, LastPass, and Authy to make certain your account falls to the wrong hands never. Furthermore, they’ll maintain to 30 backup copies of one’s site, just in case you have to restore it. 

Their control panel is extremely intuitive and provides you an at-a-glance breakdown of your entire sites most abundant in important statistics immediately visible. You can observe exactly how many resources every one of your websites is using and acquire daily reports with detailed statistics alongside optimization suggestions to boost your site’s performance.

In terms of performance, FastComet had average results within my hosting test. Their loading times were 2 around. 5 seconds that is not the fastest result but underneath the 3-second load time recommended by Google still. 

Their server response time was somewhat slower than other contains that I’ve tested also. In addition to that, they’d about an full hour of downtime throughout the test.  

Their pricing is affordable and their results are not that bad. To tell the truth, I do believe you’re better off becoming a member of their cloud or their dedicated hosting plans as opposed to their shared enviroment. 

Nevertheless, if you would like affordable, managed, cloud hosting; FastComet will probably be worth looking into. 

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