Cloudways vs. Kinsta: Which Cloud Hosting to select?

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Hosting your WordPress web pages on cloud systems is amongst the best actions you can take to make sure reliability and efficiency. However, owning a cloud VPS isn’t everyone’s glass of tea. That’s where remedies like Kinsta and Cloudways is available in.

Should you be baffled about picking between your two providers, you have to be helped by this informative article. In this Cloudways vs. Kinsta evaluation, we will analyze might differences, pricing, advantages, and cons of the providers.

By the ultimate end, you need to be in a position to arrive at a bottom line.

What’s Cloudways & What’s Kinsta

Initially, let’s understand the important thing dissimilarities between Kinsta and Cloudways.


Cloudways can be an exemplory instance of a maintained cloud hosting company. Because perception, it stands anywhere between VPS management panels like ServerPilot and handled WordPress hosts like Kinsta.

Cloudways, like SpinupWP and ServerPilot, provides a deal with panel to handle your websites on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Search engines Cloud, or AWS.

On the other hand, it doesn’t offer the maximum amount of flexibility as ServerPilot, but significantly more than Kinsta. For instance, you don’t find root use of your server with Cloudways. Although it is possible to select your chosen provider, everything like server billing and design is managed in Cloudways.

With Cloudways, it is possible to function any PHP app as well as WordPress. There are several WordPress-specific features such as the migration plugin, nonetheless it just isn’t as committed as Kinsta in supplying WordPress-oriented capabilities. On the bright side, Cloudways provides even more freedom and overall flexibility. As an example, any caching may be used by you plugin.


Kinsta is just a maintained WordPress hosting company, meaning it manages both platform along with your WordPress internet sites. In case you have some WordPress-related concerns even, you ought to be in a position to get guidance and support from Kinsta.

Whereas with Cloudways, you may or might not get help for WordPress-related issues. However, it is possible to host only WordPress sites with Kinsta though you will find a invert proxy feature that permits loading non-WP sites alongside WordPress. However, it straightforward is not.

Kinsta is founded on Google Cloud Platform , and that means you are working on high-quality hardware. Unlike Cloudways, there is absolutely no option to select from different cloud providers.

Overall, this is a trade-off between liberty and support. While Kinsta presents better WordPress help support and features, it’s more limited than Cloudways. For instance, Kinsta recommends employing their very own caching plugin of third-party plugins such as W3 Overall Cache instead. However, this method improves Kinsta’s simplicity of use, which we intend to discuss in the performance section below.

Pricing & Plans: That is CHEAPER?


Cloudways supplies a total of 69 plans spread across different providers. This is how the plans happen to be distributed:

Observe that the numbers may differ every so often. So remember to check the pricing page for accurate information.

  • DigitalOcean – 16
  • Linode – 10
  • Vultr – 14
  • AWS – 18
  • Google Cloud Platform – 11

The cheapest plan is 1GB DigitalOcean Standard that costs $10/mo , as the highest costs $3570/mo for the high-end AWS instance with 384GB of RAM.

Cloudways DigitalOcean pricing


With just 10 plans, the real quantity of plans is a lot fewer for Kinsta. The best – Starter – costs $3/mo whilst the highest – Enterprise 4 – costs $1500/mo.

Kinsta pricing
pricing as on, may 2021

Cloudways provides a large amount of diversity in its pricing structure. You ought to be in a position to locate a policy for any website, whatever be its traffic complexity or size. Kinsta, in contrast, is definitely more of reasonably limited offering. Its beginning plan is 3x costlier than Cloudways’ lowest plan.

Besides these, there are several more points you ought to note:

  • Cloudways pricing may be hourly or monthly: although you may make use of a server for just a few hours you should only pay for that (pay-as-you-go). Month you’re charged by the end of the billing.
  • Kinsta offers monthly or yearly billing cycles: with yearly billing, you receive 8 weeks discount
  • Cloudways imposes no limits on the no. of sites it is possible to install on a server while Kinsta possesses limits.each month
  • Kinsta calculates utilization using the amount of visits. Overages: $1/1000 additional visits.
  • Cloudways calculates usage centered on bandwidth. Overage charges rely on the provider. As an example, DigitalOcean costs $0.02 per additional GB.

Simplicity of use: That is Simpler to Host your Sites?

When compared to cPanel you obtain with most shared enviroment environments, both Kinsta and Cloudways offer better and contemporary interfaces to manages your sites.

However, there are always a complete large amount of differences in the functionalities given by the control panels.


WHEN I have mentioned in the above mentioned section, Cloudways permits you to select your Cloud server provider. It helps you web host non-WordPress sites likewise. So, overall, Cloudways control panel feels more complicated. You will find two main sections there:

  • Servers
  • Applications

On the Servers page, you can get all of the servers you possess deployed implementing Cloudways. It could fit in with multiple providers and will be of various sizes. As an example, one server could be a droplet from DigitalOcean, another is an AWS instance, a different one from Linode, etc.

Your total invoice will undoubtedly be no in line with the total. of servers you have got, and the period of time they were being used.

From the Server Management page, it is possible to configure the settings for that server. Included in these are starting up and stopping services (like Nginx, Apache, Redis, Varnish, etc), transforming package versions (PHP, MySQL, etc), scaling, etc.

cloudways server management page

Similarly, on the applying page, the listing are available by you of most websites you possess installed.

cloudways application management page


Compared, Kinsta’s dashboard (MyKinsta) is significantly better to use. That doesn’t suggest Cloudways will be difficult to make use of. But, as a handled WordPress internet hosting platform, Kinsta offers fewer settings that you can manage. Almost all of the server-related things are usually handled by the united team from Kinsta. Essentially, there’s less room that you make a mistake.

cloudways vs kinsta - mykinsta dashboard

Verdict: Kinsta will be slightly simpler to use than Cloudways.


There is absolutely no point in carrying out a head-to-head performance comparison between Cloudways and Kinsta because there are numerous differences in plans. However, in order to notice some test outcomes, you can right here find Cloudways effects, and Kinsta results here.

As cloud-based platforms, there is absolutely no relevant question that Cloudways and Kinsta offer top-notch infrastructure. But with Cloudways, the choice is had by one to choose between several providers whereas Kinsta is restricted to Google Cloud.

Talking about the features, Cloudways server-stack will be highly performance-oriented:

  • Nginx invert proxy
  • Varnish, Memcached, and Redis cache
  • Latest PHP and MySQL versions
  • CloudwaysCDN (powered by Stackpath)

Out of those, the CDN can be obtained being an add-on for $1/month per site for 25GB of bandwidth.

Kinsta is nothing brief in regards to performance attributes also. They provide rapid Nginx servers in addition, the latest software applications, and a custom page caching plugin.

However, Redis is just available being an add-on, which costs one more $100/mo. The CDN feature, that is integrated with most of the plans, will be powered by KeyCDN. The most bandwidth allocated with the Starter plan can be 50GB/mo.

Overall, Cloudways is preferable to Kinsta with regards to speed slightly. You can find two good reasons for that:

  • More choices of cloud providers, to enable you to select from more no. of data center locations
  • Better price to performance ratio


Once you locate that your overall plan will be insufficient, both Kinsta and Cloudways offer hassle-free of charge upgrade options. With the former, you possess mainly two options:

  • Make use of the Vertical Scaling choice to enhance memory or increase prevent storage (the provider remains to be exactly the same)
  • Clone a current server to a different server: with this specific feature, it is possible to go on to another provider actually; for example, it is possible to clone a DigitalOcean server to AWS or Google Cloud
cloudways scaling options

Whereas with Kinsta, it is possible to switch between plans in your MyKinsta dashboard. For that, visit the Company section and click on the Update plan towards the top right, pick a new program then.

kinsta scaling options

Verdict: again, Cloudways offers more alternatives for update.



With Cloudways, the security of the infrastructure is dependent upon the cloud provider you select mainly. Every one of these providers, from Linode and DigitalOcean to AWS and GCP can be well-known. So there ought to be absolutely nothing insecure with some of the platform inherently.

Whenever you produce a server on Cloudways, you’re in effect obtaining a virtual machine on the cloud. Every one of your server get yourself a dedicated Internet protocol address also. So, you’re not posting resources with some other clients.

However, those sites about the same server is probably not isolated in one another. So, if certainly one of your web sites gets provides or hacked malicious content material, it could affect one other sites for a passing fancy server. However, for those who have a behavior of updating WordPress and avoids making use of outdated plugins on a regular basis, it ought never to be described as a concern.

Still, if you need isolation between sites, then a best way would be to host just one site for a passing fancy server. The expenses could be increased because of it, though.


Hosting on Kinsta, conversely, isn’t like finding a maintained VPS. The fundamental technology will be GCP’s virtualization, but dozens of simple things are handled by the workforce at Kinsta. You only have to include sites for your requirements and specify the place. Where it ought to be placed is determined by Kinsta.

Kinsta uses LXD-structured virtualization for that. Each site is put on another container. So, you may be assured they are isolated in one another, which improves security greatly.

Unlike on Cloudways, every one of your internet site is isolated in one another, not really from web sites of some other clients just.

However, the resources may be shared involving the various sites on an LXD.

As a result of handled environment and containerization, Kinsta comes with an edge over Cloudways in security.

Assist Quality

With Cloudways, you will get support via live chat, tickets, or discussion board. The chat can be acquired 24/7. The holding out times are just a couple of seconds usually, at most a few momemts.

Overall, I’ve sensed that Cloudways service squad is knowledgeable fairly. They are able to solve the presssing issues quite often.

cloudways chat reply

For the ticket support system, the certain response time will be twelve hours. But a lot of the right time I possibly could obtain a reply in one single or two several hours.

You will find three support plans available:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Premium

THE CONVENTIONAL support can be obtained with all the current plans at no extra cost, including support for infrastructure or platform-connected issues. Whereas with High quality and Advanced ideas, you too get Application support. You may expect better wait times and responses with the paid plans also. However, I’ve attempted only the conventional support, that has been sufficient to date.

Unlike Cloudways, Kinsta doesn’t offer multiple support plans. Live chat could be the primary method to have help, that is available with all Kinsta plans.

Overall, We get the sensation that their group is knowledgeable extremely. That is evident from the comprehensive replies they offer for queries, end up being it simple or complex:

kinsta chat reply

Also, Kinsta provides both system and application assistance at no more cost. Which means if something will go wrong along with your WordPress sites also, they must be in a position to help.

Although there aren’t any premium support plans, I do believe Kinsta is in terms of the caliber of support they feature better.

Cloudways vs. Kinsta: Conclusion

With regards to pricing, flexibility, and performance, Cloudways is of Kinsta forward. In fact, the performance difference is negligible very.

Whereas Kinsta posseses an edge in relation to simplicity, support quality, and security.

When to decide on Cloudways

Below are a few reasons to select Cloudways over Kinsta:

  • Cheaper, especially if you’re migrating from cheaper hosting that is shared plans
  • Better plans selection: it is possible to select between multiple providers
  • You need to host non-WordPress sites on the cloud

And below are a few reasons to decide on Kinsta over Cloudways:

  • You want better simplicity of use over flexibility
  • A passionate WordPress support team, which ensures better reassurance for high-traffic sites

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