A2 Hosting Review – Our Experience Using A2 for a TRY OUT

Earlier in 2010 the people at A2 Hosting reached out and wished to begin a conversation of a no-holds-barred A2 hosting analysis. They were happy with their new system and desired to recognize if Hostreviews.biz would have an independent consider the ongoing job they’ve been doing, and how that stacked facing a number of the other net hosts that we’ve caused and evaluated through the years.

A2 Hosting Analysis

While website hosting benchmarks are very important, we’ve altered our review method to have a more holistic way of the real method we evaluate a hosting company. Listed here are our main conditions:

  1. Functionality
  2. Uptime and dependability
  3. Total customer care

You will find certainly other characteristics and peripherals that hosting companies like to tout, but we’ve identified these three key metrics to turn out to be at the epicenter of what nearly all customers want and need.

Backups, free names of domain, SSL Certificates, and no cost migrations are good to own certainly, but performance, stability, and customer support would be the true buyer demands. That’s why we stay glued to those when we’re considering a webhost for initially.

Who’s behind A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting Review Homepage

Among the other elements that Personally, i want to look at is who’s running the service that I’m going to join. That is true of&nbsp typically; any program that I subscribe to, however it seems particularly essential for a ongoing company I’m planning to entrust my website along with other important files.

Before I started creating, I investigated A2 Hosting’s backstory and they’ve been for over 10 years around. That’s an excellent sign?

They’re situated in Ann Arbor (consequently the A2), Michigan that has been their property bottom since their inception. They’ve since branched out a tad and their team has become distributed around the globe regionally.

They’re associated with WordCamps, although I haven’t possessed the ability to meet some of them face-to-face nonetheless, they’ve recently been great to work well with through this complete A2 hosting critique process. They’re in addition a privately placed company that is a breath of outdoors in this EIG-dominated scenery.

The united workforce at The2 Hosting generally seems to be found in this for the longterm and based on the true way they work and their history, they’re dedicated to creating the very best product feasible for their buyers genuinely.

Writer note:  We’ve been gradual to write this The2 Hosting evaluation and they&nbsp genuinely; haven’t pushed way too. Enough to help keep me sincere which I’ve appreciated just?

Getting to grips with A2 Hosting

When you create a Turbo WordPress install at A2 it is sold with many plugins pre-installed. As a power-customer I’m uncertain how Personally i think about this totally, but I could notice what A2 is attempting to complete here definitely, and it’s possibly an excellent scenario for some users on the platform.

Plugins Screen

Plugins Display screen

Pre-mounted WordPress plugins

  • A2 Optimized WP – That is The2’s very own plugin that not just lets you control specific modules within WordPress as well as other plugins, additionally, it creates a checklist for brand-new users to follow along with to guarantee the best security and performance because of their website. It has other activities built in want notices for poorly-configured methods and caching to boost their overall internet site security.
  • Clef – two-aspect authentication for WordPress.
  • EWWW Graphic Optimizer – Photograph compression plugin to cut back file styles on servers and optimize disk safe-keeping
  • Rename wp-login.php – This permits you to make use of a special URL to login to your WordPress web page. It’s the prospective of guarding you against brute push attacks.
  • W3 Entire Cache – A robust caching plugin for WordPress with a checkered recent somewhat.

WHEN I before mentioned, this much way in how I’m designed to employ WordPress wouldn’t come to be my best setup, but I attempt to imagine myself in a available space where I don’t matter.

Likewise, A2 shall enable you to choose vanilla WordPress during checkout when that’s your inclination. Although Turbo isn’t  specifically what I’d be after in person, The power is previously had by me to get a typical hosting plan and fine-tune things myself. Customer selection FTW!

You can choose your WordPress configuration and datacenter at checkout.

It is possible to pick your WordPress construction and datacenter at checkout.

Getting around within an A2 planet

Below is just a gallery of the A2 purchaser dashboard, along with some screenshots from their A2 Optimized plugin. Something I surely liked from the user perspective concerning the A2 optimized plugin can be you could command the dependent plugins from A2 optimized monitor. Put simply, if A2 implies I minify my JS data files, I will enable or disable that from the comfort of the A2 optimized tv screen. I don’t need certainly to sift through W3 Full Cache settings (that is where that modification actually takes place).

A2 Hosting Effectiveness Benchmarks

Rate is the real name of the overall game for A2. It’s the most essential things to us as well, thus we focused in about it for our&nbsp definitely;A2 hosting overview. They’ve invested a whole lot of time for it to produce what they’re phoning Turbo Hosting, with states of 20x Faster web page load instances than their various other shared hosting merchandise.

Take note:  I won’t delve an excessive amount of into any goods beyond their hosting that is shared, but consequently you’re conscious just, they accomplish present Managed VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting remedies aswell.

The environmental surroundings I employed for screening included the next:

  • A2 Hosting Turbo Bank account (shared enviroment)
  • WordPress 4.6 (the newest WordPress version during tests)
  • The TwentySixteen design activated

You can view the website I useful for testing in this case.

Used to do several exams, each having an alternative configuration so as to observe the program conducted with Turbo disabled absolutely. Significantly more than anything I desired to verify the specific sauce wasn’t offering a misconception of general performance (ie, creating static web pages on crappy servers to produce it appear to be factors were very quickly when the truth is an extremely dynamic site might have a variety of difficulties if which were the circumstance).

First Test with Turbo Caching Allowed

This evaluation was performed precisely the real way individuals at The2 intended their software to be properly used. I didn’t alter any options or help make any changes to the default construction of these auto-installer. I activated the TwentySixteen theme and setup my first check simply.

These lab tests are performed employing a provider called Load Effects. Load Impression spins up servers applying AWS in real-moment to simulate readers. All these assessments started out with zero website visitors and scaled to 50 concurrent readers over the training course of 10 minutes. 50 concurrent readers is the same as 450 roughly,000 unique regular tourists (assuming the typical visit duration is 1 moment and assuming this website traffic stage is sustained through the entire calendar month). This may likely certainly be a high page views site for many of the sociable people scanning this, hence we put A2 to the check definitely.


Graph of A2 Hosting Load Test results

A2 Hosting Test with Caching Allowed

Day test completed:  September 11, 2016, at 8:46 am
Virtual visitor physical site:  Ashburn, Virginia
Examining server physical area:  Springfield, Michigan
Max response moment (slowest webpage load): 257ms
Lowest response period (fastest site load): 233ms

These page load moments fast are extremely. Actually, they’re at the least two times as fast because the hosts we measured within our WordPress hosting overall performance evaluation many years ago.

It’s crucial that you watch the tendency since the green range (consumers) grows. The A2 performance doesn’t appear to be impacted at by the escalation in traffic. The past load time is certainly 13ms slower compared to first load time approximately, which, regarding how human beings interpret that, isn’t visible at most.

Another thing to highlight will be that the server didn’t decline any packets through the length of the check. Therefore it wasn’t merely fast, it too was reliable.

You can observe the full outcomes of the test the following.

What exactly happens once the Turbo is switched by us off?

Check with Turbo Caching Disabled

Not just would I disable the modules for caching in this analyze, I fully deactivated the A2 optimization and W3 Entire Cache plugins and dumped the particular caches. This test is probing the server itself with no of the wonder the The2 team adds at the top. This may show us the way the server and hardware stack performs by itself.


A2 Hosting Benchmark with Caching Disabled

Time test carried out:  September 12, 2016 at 4:07pm
Digital visitor physical place: Ashburn, Virginia
Evaluating server physical spot:  Springfield, Michigan
Max response moment (slowest web site load):  475ms
Bare minimum response period (fastest internet page load):  242ms

While stuff were a little more unstable with caching disabled, the general results nonetheless&nbsp were; extremely impressive. A benchmark of the bare-bones servers with no Turbo caching triggered speeds the best we’ve ever noticed with hosting that is shared. They produce bold claims using their hosting efficiency, and everything we found in our examining backs up those statements entirely.

You can view the full link between the test right here.

I don’t possess any criticism to supply with regard to their hosting functionality. It’s outstanding .

A2 Hosting Uptime

and Reliability

We create Pingdom supervising on our A2 Hosting assessment web-site in September and also have just allow it to complete its factor. Pingdom is assessment the uptime of your website in 1-moment intervals. Any outage than sixty secs could be recorded longer.

I pulled the record during the time of publishing this informative article, and it seems like within the last four a few months we’ve had 17 mins of downtime on our webpage with three independent outages.

  • September 21st for 7 a few minutes
  • September 26th for just two 2 moments
  • October 31st for 8 mins

That’s 99.999% uptime that is about just like it is possible to possibly expect, particularly for something that’s significantly less than $10 monthly. “Five nines” will be pretty much this is of an extremely available web support.

Chart of A2 Uptime from Pingdom

A2 Uptime from Pingdom

A some of the hiccups were as a result short, that I can’t make sure if it had been truly downtime of&nbsp honestly;the website itself, or even a glitch with Pingdom, our DNS provider, or several other environment issue.

Centered on our previous four months useful I undoubtedly wouldn’t hesitate in contacting A2 an extremely reliable web host with extremely sturdy uptime.


Customer care is admittedly quite difficult to monitor accurately and will vary greatly predicated on many different factors (distinct concern encountered, the disposition of customer care broker, and the career of the moon ?).

Results for starters specific The2 hosting analysis bank account could be anecdotal pretty. Our interactions with the A2 hosting squad have now been absolutely amazing, plus they should get credit rating for that definitely. Mileage can vary a little bit for you personally on the client service side considering that the A2 group did find out it absolutely was us submitting requests, however, you should at the same time know that centered on everything we’re discovering from A2 both publicly and behind the scenes, they attention tons of about their shoppers and therefore are constantly trying to deliver the most effective merchandise they are able to.

In case a struggle is experienced by you with the consumer service at A2, make sure you request a supervisor when i know the organization in general has your absolute best curiosity at the core of everything they conduct.

With regards to data and items that may be measured, they’ve a 97% Net Promoter Rating and have each of their testimonials verified by way of a 3rd party to be sure these were left with a real A2 users.

Who’s A2 Hosting for?

Coffee cup with WHO written on the side

Who’s A2 Hosting For?

Each time I assess a hosting company I attempt to consider who the item will be for. There’s no one-size-fits-all webhost, and after finishing my A2 Hosting analysis, I’m like they will have a powerful offering for folks in these groups or scenarios:

  • Smaller businesses
  • Personal publishers (bloggers) with few-400,000 monthly site visitors
  • Customers who desire a guided WordPress hosting expertise
  • Customers, who would like to be safeguarded from their particular not enough technical expertise?

In this situation, I’m specifically referring to their Turbo shared enviroment product that is usually the one I analyzed in this critique. A number of their other solutions might fit other forms of customers, but I can’t talk to any of that basically.

Our testings were completed inside their US datacenter in Michigan. For global customers, they’ve datacenters in the Singapore and Netherlands aswell.

In the event that you meet above some of the criteria, and you’re unhappy along with your existing provider (or will be gonna commence that next job), A2 Hosting is all about as rock-sound since you can a cure for in the hosting that is shared space. Especially starting up at a prices point below $10 each month. Definitely take a look at A2 Hosting and speak with their salesforce in regards to the product that’s most suitable for you. Be joyful you did you’ll?

Disclaimer:  A2 Hosting have provide the consideration we employed for evaluating but got no outside effect on the contents with this hosting review. All examining was performed independently no knowledge was had by them of when or exactly how we were evaluating their platform.

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